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Office Spaces for rent in Koramangala, Bangalore

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The rental office spaces in Koramangala offer a wide range of options including raw, fully furnished and built to suit.


Undoubtedly, Koramangala is one of the most popular localities in Bangalore. It is divided into 8 blocks, with 3rd and 7th block as the major commercial hubs. Long time back, Koramangala was not a very interesting area; even the City Corporation would not bother to take any interest in this locality.
Today, Koramangala comes under one of the most desired neighbourhoods in the city. This area has a quiet and peaceful environment which makes it a preferable choice for a residential project. It is a major residential locality as well. It is also dotted with pubs, lounges, eateries, bars, malls, theatres and much more. It also houses software companies like Wipro, Infosys and a very famous e-commerce company, Flipkart. The major landmarks include Christ University, The Koramangala Club, Forum Mall and many others.

What is included?

The adaptable rental office spaces in Koramangala are equipped with all the present-day amenities such as uninterrupted water supply, modern interiors, housekeeping service, power backup, free beverages, free Wi-Fi, open pantry, 24/7 high-level security, lounging area,  phone booth, free parking area etc.
We provide well-designed, hygienic and properly ventilated office spaces which receive enough natural sunlight. We offer multiple office packages including well-equipped conference rooms, meeting halls, personal cabinets and training rooms etc. You can conduct business meetings here or you can host a lunch for staff.

Why choose CoFynd for Commercial Office Spaces for rent in Koramangala, Bangalore?

CoFynd is a tech-enabled, unified and unbiased platform with over 18,000 rental office spaces. We help you in finding the best commercial office spaces in the most desired locations. We primarily focus on making your searching process hassle-free. We also focus on professionalism, functionalism and aesthetic.
Whether you need a small office area or in a larger capacity, CoFynd has you covered. Our team comprises talented consultants who assure smooth operation. Please note that our team does not take any extra charges for client support. You can contact us regarding booking and searching anytime.