About CoFynd

CoFynd provides frictionless access to a network of more than 25,000 Coworking, Coliving and Private Office Spaces in over 18 cities of India and expanding. We serve as an online discovery and booking platform leveraging easy availability and convenience anytime and anywhere. With our unmatched technology powered by T9L and expert support team, we make your space journey a smooth one, an experience to cherish.

In the Beginning On-demand spaces to Work, Meet, and Live.

CoFynd was born when Atul realised a paradigm shift in the way people wanted to Work & Live. Many were leaving behind the traditional mundane offices to quirky Co-Working spaces and conventional living to community based Co-Living. With a solid vision in his mind, he implemented this platform with the technology partner in the country, T9L to fulfill the dynamic user needs.

Expanding our Focus Flexible office space, without the distractions of coworking.

While we tap on more and more cities everyday, our constant aim remains to offer the highest quality of flexibility and privacy at each point. Our spaces speak loud of present-day amenities that are well suited for maximizing work efficiency and potential of the individuals.

Today's CoFynd A global network of flexible, private workspaces.

CoFynd is rapidly prospering with over 25,000 live spaces in 18 cities of India. With this, we have also tapped into the Coliving and Private Office Spaces recently. Like this, we aim to reach out and ease every individual’s professional journey in searching the best workspace for himself.

The CoFynd Knowldege Center

Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.

  • Atul Gupta

    Founder & CEO

  • T9L

    Technology Partner

  • Mr. V Kishan

    Mentor & Advisor

  • Dr. Sandeep Gandhi

    Mentor & Advisor

The CoFynd Network

The CoFynd network includes more than 500 spaces in 300+ buildings across 10 markets worldwide. Located in top neighborhoods and available on flexible monthly terms.

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What's the CoFynd Desk ?

CoFynd is helping professionals find their perfect Workplace, Lifespace & Everything in between.
As we grow, we think of ourselves as creating an shared Ecosystem, one that lets the
Cofynd community breathe, connect and climb to their highest in life.